Family Tree showing the descendants of Thomas Preston of Dungormley in Tullyvallen Township who lived from 1795-1858. Also some descendants of his brother William.

Tullyvallen is one of the largest townships in Ireland (4655 acres). Originally it was included in the Creggan parish until the Tullyvallen Old Church of Ireland church was built. Later this was replaced by St John's church in Newtownhamilton.

There were no Prestons here in 1664. By 1766 a religious census ordered for each CofI parish showed 3 protestant settlers for Creggan parish recorded as living in Tullyvallen:

James Preston

John Preston

Robert Preston

We don't know whether they were father and sons or 3 seperate families. Much later in 1837 the townland valuation showed only 27 large houses (called Country Houses) in Tullyvallen. One of these belonged to a John Preston. It is probable that he was the father of the men listed below - but unless other evidence emerges we cannot be sure.

Until 1837 the Townland was known as Tullyvallen Hamilton after the main landowner Alexander Hamilton of Dublin. After that it was split into six.

In the Tithe Applotment books of 1825-1830 all the tenants are grouped into 32 divisions. Two of these are titled Kennedy's at Prestons and Prestons.

This suggests the Preston family owned or was renting a large part of the townland. The following men were renting land at each division:


John Kilpatrick

Robert Kilpatrick

Patrick Shaw

Alexander Stitt

David Wiles


Robert Hunter

John Morrison

Andrew Preston

John Preston

Preston & Harvey

William Preston


A will for Thomas Preston of Dungormley in the townland of Tullyvallen and the Presbyterian church records for Newtownhamilton give the first firm evidence of a family link with the names above.



1) John Preston (unknown)



2) Thomas Preston (1795-1858) - married Eliza -----

3) William Preston (unknown) -married Nancy -----

4) Female Preston (unknown) - married unknown  male Hillis (Co Monaghan)

5) Female Preston (unknown) - married unknown male McClure (Co Armagh)



6) John Hillis (son of 4)

7) John McClure (son of 5)


Children of Thomas Preston (2):

8) John Preston (c1817)

9) Thomas Preston (c 1819)

10) William Preston (c 1820)

11) James Preston (1822-1887) m. Mary Dougan 1848

12) Susannah Preston (b1823) m. William Hawthorne 1844

13) Nancy Preston (b1824)

14) Agnes Preston (b1825)

15) Eliza Preston (b1827)

16) Joseph Preston (1834-1870) m. Jane Hawthorne 1859


Children of William Preston (3)

17) John Preston (unknown) m. Jane -------

18) Susannah Preston (unknown)

19) Thomas Preston (unknown)

20) Berry Preston (unknown) m. Jane Bell 1852



Children of James Preston (11)

21) Thomas Preston (1853-1905) m. Letitia Carson 1876. Emigrated to Liverpool, England.

22) Aitcheson Preston (1857-1912)

23) James Preston (1859-1920) m.Vivannah Ferrow 1884. Emigrated to Sydney, Australia.


Children of Joseph Preston (16)

24) Thomas Preston (b 1859)

25) Mary Jane Preston (b 1861)

26) Robert John Preston (b 1862)

27) Joseph Preston (b 1865) m. Anne Rainey


Children of John Preston (17)

28) William John Preston (b 1859) m. Margaret Bell 1883

29) Thomas Berry Preston (b 1862)


Children of Berry Preston (20)

30) Susannah Preston (1842)

31) Unknown Preston



Children of Thomas Preston (21)

32) Mary Preston (b1877)

33) James Aitchison Preston (1880-1940)

34) Sussanah Preston (1882-1886)

35) Letitia Preston (1884-1932)

36) Ann Preston (b1886)

37) Thomas Preston (1888-1976)

38) Edith Preston (b1891)

39) William Preston (1893-1916)

40) Ruth Preston (b1897)

Children of James Preston (23) - Australia

41) James Preston (1885-1942)

42) Sydney Preston (b1889)

43) Claude Preston (1894-1909)

Children of Joseph Preston (27)

44) Lila Preston (b1898) m William Martin

45) Agnes Preston (1907-1997) m David Aitken

46) James Preston (b1909)

47) Sarah Preston (b1911) m John Garrett

48) Thomas Preston (b1913)

Children of William John Preston

Not yet found

Children of Thomas Berry Preston

Not yet found

Children of Unknown Preston

49) James Preston

50) Berry Preston

? 2 sisters - not yet found



Children of Thomas Preston (37)

51) Dorothy Preston (1921-1927)

52) Rev. William Preston (b1925)

53) Sydney Preston (b1930)

Children of James Preston (41)

54) James Preston (1910-1976)

Children of Lila Preston (44)

Annie Martin,  Hugh Martin

Children of Agnes Preston (45)

Charles Aicken, Lily Aicken, Mildred Aicken, Edward Aicken, Thomas Aicken, John Aicken, David Aicken, Doreen Aicken.

Children of James Preston (46)

55) John Preston -emigrated to Coventry, England

56) James Preston - emigrated to London, England

57) Joseph Preston

58) Thomas Preston

59) Trevor Preston

Children of Sarah Preston (47)

Jean Garrett, Anne Garrett, Hetty Garrett, Geraldine Garrett.

Children of Thomas Preston (48)

60) Mervyn Preston

61) John Preston -emigrated to England

62) Moira Preston

63) Elenor Preston

64) Linda Preston

65) Jennifer Preston

66) Caroline Preston

Children of James Preston (49)

67) Thomas Preston

68) James Preston - emigrated to Alberta, Canada

69) Albert Preston

70) Berry Preston (1913-1991) m Mary Magill

71) Ida Preston

72) Cissie Preston

73) Eileen Preston -emigrated to Ontario, Canada

74) Jenny Preston - emigrated to Alberta, Canada



Children of Rev. William Preston (52)

Christine Preston (b1948)

David Preston (b1951)

Judith Preston (b1956)

Children of Sydney Preston (53)

Richard Preston

Andrew Preston

Children of James Preston (54)

Lynette Preston (b1939)

Rodney Preston (b1942)

Owen Preston (b1948)

Darrelle Preston (b1951)

Children of Joseph Preston (57)

Joanne Preston

Children of Thomas Preston (67)

James Preston

Albert Preston (1946-2006)

Children of Berry Preston (69)

Alan Preston (b1955)

Christine Preston (b1962)